Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today, I spend my time to write a little bit about my favorite Magnolia Sherbet flavour which is delightful orange. I like delightful orange flavour the most because I love the taste of juicy orange in the ice cream. The Magnolia Sherbet comes in three other flavours which are Marvelous Mangosteen, Magnificent Melon and Luscious Lychee. You can choose which flavours suit you the most. Everyone afford to buy Magnolia Sherbet because the price just RM2.50 each for 85ml.

I also love to eat Magnolia Sherbet with two slices of bread and it tastes like superb and I can finish up a whole bread just like that. One more thing, I will save one or two cups of Magnolia Sherbet in the fridge because after back from work, I definitely will find one as soon as back home. If any of the readers love this post, can send a box of Magnolia Sherbet to my address okay. While writing up this post, I am enjoying one and this is the picture of me with lovely Magnolia Sherbet.

Finally, I found it, no more dreams, no more tears because I can taste it now. I bought two cups of Magnolia Sherbet worth RM2.50 each at Petronas Pump Station after transferring some money to friends. After bought it, I quickly going back home to enjoy it.

Of course, I opened the orange flavour first because it's my favorite flavour. The first bite was stunning because the ice-cream full with creamy and delicious taste. For sure, I need more Magnolia Sherbet after this.

Okay, eat one and keep one for tomorrow because I'm afraid the Magnolia Sherbet will be sold out. Can you see the color of it?? Did it captured your eyes?? Go and find one for yourself. I will not sharing with anyone. Magnolia Sherbet just for me.

"Magnolia Sherbet freeze the picture"

"A glass of plain water is enough for the cool moment"

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Angah: Healthier life comes with healthy foods.


Cik Fia said...

kedekot.. tanak kongsi lak.. ish

Khalid Amin said...

Post ni menang tiket free tapi malas nak pergi ambil kat Nuffnang. Lain kali kena rajin-rajin, first time tiket kena redeem masa office hour, tu yang leceh tu !!


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