Sunday, September 26, 2010


After I observed the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans, what I can say, it is worthy for the public especially for students. For your information, Digi had officially announced the iPhone 4 Price plan today and offering the most affordable iPhone 4 plans from RM 58 to RM 158 per month. Walau!

The new Digi iPhone 4 price plans have new promotional monthly fee pricing which only applicable for NEW signups from 24th September 2010 onwards. The new Digi iPhone 4 subscribers will enjoy the lowest monthly fees from RM 58 if you sign up for auto billing at the point of purchase. Without signing up for auto billing feature, you will have to pay RM 63 monthly fees instead of RM 58. For your info, all the iDigi Postpaid plans below are on a 24 month contract. Grab one plan and experience by yourself. Walau!

The recommended retail price (RRP) for Digi iPhone 4 is RM2690 for iPhone 32GB and RM2290 for iPhone 4 14GB. A good bargain for the starting session. Let look at the table of Digi iPhone 4 pricing details and payment options as shown below and please make your choice (Walau!):

If you are planning to buy a Digi iPhone 4, you can go anywhere in Malaysia because it is available nationwide at 45 outlets start on 24 September 2010 at the nearest Digi outlet at your area. For your information, Digi iPhone 4 postpaid plans more attractive than other service provider in terms of monthly fees which is RM 58 (the cheapest in the market right now!!) and comes with a fixed 24 months contract. Walau!


Angah hope you can find the right iPhone 4 plan that mostly suit your needs and really recommended to take one of the above plan. Walau!

Angah: Hopefully this post are meaningful to others !! Walau!

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