Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today in my post, I will tell ya which Application from the iTunes App Store that I have seen or tried out is my favorite and why. I love the Koi Pond by The Blimp Pilots because I love fish so much. Walau!

Koi Pond is the sweetest application I have come across. It is a very Zen-like experience. I never dreamed that I would ever have a koi pond and now I have one in my pocket which I can turn on and off at a whim. The graphics are very beautiful and the clarity of the different features are quite lovely. Walau!

I can play in the water by running my finger over the pond, creating splash sounds. My pond is fully customizable; I can change the colors and sound effects to match my mood. There are different water colors to choose such as blue, green or brown. I can change the lighting of my pond from midday to twilight. I can have a few fish or a lot. The fish swim around, casting shadows and changing course just like real fish do. The lily pads are moveable so I can arrange my pond to your own artistic bent, and again, I can have one or many. Walau!

The sound effects are very calming (frogs, wind, crickets, rain and birds) and are high quality when I use my headphones. I love the frogs and the buzzing of the insects where it create a nice distraction from my day, and makes me feel like I'm actually out in nature. The rain sound effect is lovely with the birds chirping in the background. Walau!

To feed the koi, I just shake iPhone device. The fish will swim around and eat the food. They are noisy eaters, and make the water ripple as they snatch the food pellets from the surface. If I drag my finger over the pond, the fish will scatter, but if you can hold you finger on the screen the fish will come up to your finger for a nibble. Very cool! Walau!

Koi Pond is a relaxing and enjoyable experience helping me to get away from it all, even if only for a short time. This application is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. I give 5/5 on the review. Walau!

Angah: The application just fit my interest !! Walau!

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