Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My friend already has an iPhone 4 for just about a week now. He keeps telling me that I should get one. I just want to tell you why I really want iPhone 4 and my friend always make me want to buy one.

What He Likes About the iPhone 4
  • It’s beautiful
  • It’s cool
  • The screen resolution is amazing
  • It’s fast
  • The camera is great
  • The LED flash
  • The front-facing camera
  • FaceTime
  • The battery
  • Fast app switching

What I can see just more pros about iPhone. My friend told me that the performance of the battery is outrageous and much better than other phone although the usage is the same. He also told me about application switching and he love how it works. It’s just great to be able to quickly switch between applications without having to wait for them to load again. I don’t want to talk about iPhone anymore, gimme one and I will start talking again. Walau!

Angah: Waiting the good news from Nuffnang and DiGi. Walau!


Cik Fia said...

walau.. :)

Khalid Amin said...

Walau! juga.. Jom spread the beauty of Walau!..


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