Monday, July 26, 2010


Hi there, this post is written to make announcement about new movie that will be release on 5 August 2010 called "TEKKEN". Angah still play the game until now and the most favorable character in the game is Christie Monteiro. Angah wants to share something about this character. This is female character born in December 3, 1992 which is granddaughter of Eddy Gordo's master. Christie has quite a substantial fanbase and consider her to be an excellent addition to the cast, adding sex appeal to the series, as well as light-heartedness to largely-somber cast. However, this is also a major criticism of the character. Christie's scarce clothing and flirtatious mannerisms give many the impression that Christie was added merely as fan service to the cast. She 19 years old from brazil that have fighting style "Capoeira". This character height is 5' 7" and weight 130 lbs. She is unemployed and relaxing is her major hobby. This is the picture of the character.

Don't miss to grab a ticket to watch the movie. Here a little bit sypnosis of the movie: The critically acclaimed Namco videogame franchise TEKKENTM is set to come to life on the big screen. Rising from the ashes of a crumbled civilization, gladiatorial combat has replaced warfare, and ruthless fighters pit themselves against one another in a bid for global supremacy. In the midst of the greatest tournament ever known, one warrior attempts to fulfill his destiny and become King of the Iron Fist. Civilization as we know it has been destroyed and in it’s place a dystopian world order has arisen with seven all-powerful corporations controlling the planet.

America is under the totalitarian leadership of the mighty Tekken Corporation and it’s CEO Heihachi Mishima (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), who rules absolutely from the capital of Tekken City. Those outside the metropolis’s walls lead a life of fear and despair, fighting for survival as outcasts in a harsh world where resources are scarce. Rising from this poverty is Jin (Jon Foo), who is driven by nothing more than a desire to murder the man who killed his mother (Tamyln Tomita). In order to exact his revenge Jin must defeat the world’s most elite fighters and win the ‘Iron Fist’ Tournament. However this journey will show Jin a past that his mother had tried to hide from him and force him to realize a future that threatens to tear him apart.

Angah: Banyaknya movie dalam list ni tak tengok lagi.. Bila la ada masa lagi nie !!

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