Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hello guys, how are you today?  I hope you have the best of health and wealth.  Feeling bored?  If your answer is yes, I have the answer to get rid the feeling.  Before I share with you the answer, let me introduce six new actors who will launch their films this coming September.  They are:

 Beautiful Smurfette 

Arrogant Groucry

 Macho Gutsy

Caring Papa

Brilliant Brainy

And my most favorite smurf in this film is Creative Clumsy

These six cuties creatures are part of incoming movie “The Smurfs”. The story begin when these Smurfs were chased by the evil wizard Gargamel and suddenly without knowing no where they are gone into our world in the middle of New York’s Central Park after being forced through a portal. All they know, they stuck in the Big Apple and they must find a way back to their village before the evil wizard find them again. Angah will help them find their way back, I promise.  Below is the official poster for the movie and supposedly they might include something that express their feeling of being lost in this world such as "HELP US, WE LOST ON YOUR WORLD".

The challenge is Nuffnang want me to tell you how Creative Clumsy would lead the others and find their way from New York City back to the Smurf Village, as creatively as possible!  From the trailer, I can see Creative Clumsy (after this I will called him CC) has different attitude from others.  He eager to learn new things and try new technologies that seems new to him.  CC can use his skills to help others to work on something that can be used to track the portal back.  That is the only way I guess for this moment.  He also can play music very well and he can make money too by doing stage performance in front of crowd.  

The money can be used to hire professional killer to kill the evil wizard.  And maybe CC could used the money to hire psychologist to force the evil wizard to open the portal for them and kill him after that.  After they track back the portal, they must seal the portal before the evil wizard comes back to their village and they can live happier ever after.  The truth is tiny things cannot do much in this world, that reality, maybe the smurfs can forget about their village and learn to accept new life in new world.

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