Monday, October 11, 2010


For all readers' information, there is new movie coming up this October. Luckily, Nuffnang offering 2 tickets for Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers with one condition. I have to write about someone in the past who I don't like. Here is the banner / poster of the movie, you can google extra information about the movie using the key word You Again?


Now, I will pick someone who make my life unpleasant in the past. The first lucky person cross my mind when I try to remember the person who make my life miserable in the past name "Mr Teo" during my secondary school. He is my discipline teacher. For me, he is so cruel and fierce. He always there when I make a mistake although it is small mistake. I still remembered when I throw away rubbish into drain once, suddenly he stand beside me and slap me in the face. Plus, he scold me and make me pick the all rubbish along the drain.

I also experienced caned by him in front school assembly in the morning after being late to school. He usually will give a talk to the students during assembly and he always repeating the word "TAIK" means shits. The word is used to scold the children including innocent one. After leaving the school for a long time, this 'special' person is so memorable to me because he actually teach me how to behave as a human. He teaches us how to be a discipline in our life. Now, I realize to be a discipline teacher is difficult because the position carries heavy responsibilities. I realize now because I working as discipline teacher since last year.

Angah: Give me ticket please !! Really like to watch the movie !!


Cik Fia said...

ee.. nape mr. teo tu..
gud luck.. :)

Khalid Amin said...

Mr. Teo tu suka ikut perasaan.. Hehe..

hikari_mizu said...

hehe biasa la tu cikgu usiplin :) sham afzan

Khalid Amin said...

Hehe.. Post ni semata-mata nak menang tiket je.. Wish me luck okay !!


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