Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Angah agak terlambat sebab lepas movie ni ditayangkan selama 2 minggu, baru je terkedek-kedek Angah nak pergi tengok. Nama filem ni Angah dah tulis besar-besar sebagai tajuk entry kali ni. Masa tengok movie ni, pawagam kosong takde orang, jadi boleh la fokus dengan jalan cerita nya. Jalan cerita ni memang menarik dengan effect-effect yang ditonjolkan dalam movie amat dikagumi.

To those who do not have time to watch this movie, this is the a short synopsis of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Ubisoft's popular video-game series of the same name gets adapted for the big screen in this sweeping fantasy adventure starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton. The setting is sixth century Persia. A nefarious nobleman covets the Sands of Time, a legendary gift from the gods that allows its possessor to turn back time. Whoever owns the Sands of Time has the power to rule the world, and this villainous lord would use that power to enslave all of humanity.

The only person capable of defeating this tyrant and saving the world is Dastan (Gyllenhaal), a youthful prince. Now, with plucky princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) by his side, Dastan will attempt to prevent the Sands of Time from falling into the wrong hands. Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) directs a script penned by Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro, Jordan Mechner, and Boaz Yakin.

Before Angah entered the movie hall, Angah take out the handphone and snap this picture. Oh the style is almost the same with the hero but my hair is too short. Enjoy watching this movie and recommend to those friends who did not yet watch this movie to go and take a chance.

Angah: Before this, Angah always watch movies with friends but this time, I have to watch it alone because I'm too late. It's really worthy for money RM9.00 spend on this movie. Angah give 9 out of 10 stars to the Movie Director.


Fia said...

tengok cite ngn sape tu

Khalid Amin said...

Angah tengok kali ni seorang diri sebab terpengaruh dengan iklan movie ni. Jadi terus je pergi tengok.


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